Since Russia’s February 2022 unprovoked escalation of its war against Ukraine – a concurrent increase in the interest of learning the Ukrainian language is being seen. In March 2022, Duolingo ( reported a significant increase in learners studying the Ukrainian language – a 577% increase globally and a 554% increase in the United States. The reasons being offered for the increased recent interest in learning Ukrainian include a desire to express solidarity with Ukraine during the ongoing war, to support and prepare for the welcoming of displaced persons and refugees, as well as a desire to connect with a personal history – to learn the language of parents and grandparents.

Here we include resources compiled by two members of the Ukrainian scouting organization Plast (Пласт), as part of their Eagle Scout (третя проба) projects.

One resource identifies free online Ukrainian language-learning resources and the second offers Ukrainian-language books and audiobooks. Also, included on these lists are website addresses of northeast Ohio (home to these two Eagle Scouts) library systems that offer access to these resources to their library cardholders. For areas outside northeast Ohio, search the digital resources or learning resources section of the website of your local library system to identify locally available resources in addition to the resources in these two lists.

Such Ukrainian language resources are helpful in order to support Ukrainian students in your district, community, and informal learning programming, as well as for your own professional development and learning.