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Improving the Usefulness of External Evaluations in Schools 2008 AEA

Synthesizing Measures of Implementation Fidelity 2008 AEA

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Measuring Program Implementation: A Tale of Two States 2008 AERA

Longitudinal Data Analysis of Oklahoma Reading First

Evaluation of Indiana Reading First 2004 MWERA

Pilot College Access Certification Project to Inform National Implementation 2009 AEA

Architectural organizations: The intersection of design and advocacy 2010 Association of Architectural Organizations

Lessons from a Certification Pilot Project for College Access Providers 2011 Foundation Review

Gifted Education

Analysis of Standardization Sample of Gifted Rating Scales – Preschool/Kindergarten Form 2007 Roeper Review

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Networks, Partnerships, Communities of Practice

Understanding Effectiveness of Collaboration 2009 AERA

Communities of Practice as Foundation Strategy 2010 AEA

Progress toward Transformative Collaboration 2010 AERA

Using a Network Survey in Evaluation: The College Access Network Example 2013 AEA Coffee Break Webinar

Communities of Practice as Foundation Strategy 2010 AEA

Description of Communities of Practice as Foundation Strategy 2010 AEA.

Informal Learning

Measuring Long-Term Impact using High School Transcript Study Methods 2012 AEAOnline Learning and Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development


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Design of Online Teacher Professional Development, 2007

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Assessing Fidelity and Improving Understanding in MSP 2010 AERA

Understanding State-Level Program Impact in MSP 2010 AEA

Evaluating Progress Integrating Technology: Illinois EETT Evaluation Brief 2011

Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT)


Understanding State-Level Program Impact in MSP 2010 AEA Description of publication.

Evaluating Progress Integrating Technology: Illinois EETT Evaluation Brief 2011Short description of the publication.