The Gifted Rating Scales (GRS) has been trusted for decades to identify children for gifted and talented educational programs. In the upcoming year, MHS will make available a newly-revised and updated version of the instrument, the Gifted Rating Scales Second Edition! The GRS 2 will now include a set of new parent rating scales to allow for a system of triangulated assessment and an online administration system.

Together, the updated instruments will offer a comprehensive screening system for students ages 4 years through 18 years and 11 months of age. The online format will allow for quick and efficient screening, with comprehensive reporting and multi-rater reports.

Read more at the MHS Gifted and Talented Hub, which includes information and resources to improve identification of and support for high potential youth, directly addressing issues of fairness, equity, and representation.

We will be sharing more information about the GRS 2 release date as it becomes available. Sign up for updates on our website and also on the MHS Gifted and Talented Hub to receive updates.