We are excited to be working with Dr. Susan Metz, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, and Dr. Sheryl Sorby, Professor at Ohio State University and Professor Emerita of Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technical University, as the external evaluator of their ATE project. The goal of the project, Adapting Tested Spatial Skills Curriculum to On-Line Format for Community College Instruction: A Critical Link to Retain Technology Students, is to demonstrate that spatial skills curriculum materials used successfully in four-year institutions of higher education can be adapted and effectively used at the two-year technical college level. The team is also researching the impact of using online materials delivered through iPad activities.

Partnering in this project are Del Mar College (Texas), McHenry County College (Illinois), Tidewater Community College (Virginia), and Tunxis Community College (Connecticut). Students from various departments and programs at these four institutions will participate in targeted spatial skills workshops to increase their ability to visualize, manipulate, and solve 3D application problems.

We will post project updates and share information about effective evaluation processes for technical education, ATE, and community college efforts.

If you are preparing a proposal for an ATE grant, contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss your project and help you to prepare a rigorous evaluation plan for the proposal.