Program Evaluation in Gifted Education

Posted by on Friday, January 17, 2020

Evaluation of gifted programs is one of the most satisfying areas of our work at Censeo Group. My time as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) afforded me a wonderful opportunity to learn about and work with highly gifted students. It was a time in which the Research Director and I wrote and published a number of articles about out-of-level testing, psychological needs of gifted students, and assessment and identification of giftedness. It also offered me the opportunity to work with Dr. Steven Pfeiffer, author, speaker, and test developer, who invited me to work with him as co-author of the Gifted Rating Scales (GRS). The GRS is a nationally normed, standardized teacher rating scale for use in screening and assessment of gifted students. Recently MHS purchased the GRS and we are currently hard at work on the GRS-2. You can read about the GRS and our work in the area of gifted education at Gifted Assessment Insights. A recent blog post about grantwriting for gifted educators on the Gifted Assessment Insights site discusses how Censeo Group evaluators can help gifted educators plan and write the evaluation section of grant proposals. We have experience writing grant proposals for the US Department of Education Jacob...

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