KnowHow2GO College Access Network Building Initiative

National Evaluation of the KnowHow2GO (KH2GO) College Access Initiative Certification Pilot Project

Censeo Group has worked with the Lumina Foundation between 2008 and 2012 to evaluate multiple aspects of the KnowHow2GO (KH2GO) college access initiative across 12 states. Censeo Group’s first engagement was as the evaluator of a pilot project that developed a certification process for college access providers. The evaluation examined the certification rubric, training offered to college access providers, and the certification application process. As Principal Investigator, Dr. Jarosewich conducted document review of submitted applications, a literature review of nonprofit standards of excellence, interviews, and focus groups with professional development participants and KnowHow2GO college access organizations, and reviewed the outcomes of the certification applications. Results were shared with Program Officers at the foundation, through a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and an article in a peer-reviewed journal.

National Evaluation of the KH2GO (KH2GO) College Access Initiative’s Community of Practice (CoP)

Censeo Group conducted an evaluation of the Community of Practice (CoP) that supported the KH2GO initiative. Dr. Jarosewich’ s design of the evaluation of the Community of Practice (CoP) relied on the realist evaluation model and collected information from participants, technical assistance providers, and foundation staff to inform the foundation about the structure of the learning community, and the impact of the learning community on participants, the project, and Lumina itself. The findings were shared across the foundation to support the use of learning communities in other foundation initiatives.

National Evaluation of the KH2GO (KH2GO) College Access Initiative

Censeo Group completed the final year of the national evaluation of the initiative, engaging local grantees’ cooperation in evaluation activities. Dr. Jarosewich led a team that collected data through surveys, interviews, and document reviews to summarize the initiative’s impact on state college access networks, organizations’ capacity, and advocacy efforts. The evaluation team modified an existing survey to collect data from 11 college access networks across the country about structure, collaboration efforts, and outcomes. The measurement of network functioning informed the client about how to engage stakeholders in collaborative efforts for a collective community impact. The results of the evaluation were presented at national conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.

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