Evaluation of Illinois Math and Science Academy’s (IMSA) FUSION After School Program

From spring 2010 through summer 2012, Censeo Group was the external evaluator of the Illinois Math and Science Academy’s (IMSA) afterschool math and science enrichment program, FUSION. The evaluation assessed program implementation in over 60 participating schools, collecting information from parents, teachers, and students using online surveys in English and Spanish.

The evaluation included a longitudinal analysis of student outcomes, comparing participation and success in high school mathematics and science courses of FUSION participants with non-participants, benchmarking outcomes against the National High School Transcript study. The evaluation results indicated that FUSION participants in schools with low SES populations and historically low achievement were engaged and succeeding in high-level mathematics and science courses at a rate similar to the overall national high school population.

The team provided an overall evaluation report to program staff, PowerPoint slides for presentations to stakeholder groups, and evaluation summaries for board members and proposals for further funding. Schools received individual reports to support school-level decision making. Censeo Group evaluators presented the methods and findings of this evaluation project at the 2012 conference of the American Evaluation Association.

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